Sunday, January 19, 2014

Magnify Your Calling

Back in September and again before the end of 2103, my Bishop gave a talk in Sacrament that offered us ways to strengthen our Ward. One of the ways he suggested was to "magnify our calling." Now ever since I became a member of the church, I have been anxious about receiving a calling because I always need something to keep me busy. I am also one of the few people who love to give talks and teach lessons (come on now, I'm an educator.) So when I received my first calling in the new ward as the Relief Society Activities Coordinator, I was happy because planning parties is what I do and do well, but a tiny bit disappointed because I thought, well this is not a challenge for me and it will hardly keep me busy, but nonetheless I was ready to get to work.

My first event was a Pinterest Party and it was a ton of fun, then I was in charge of the Relief Society Christmas Party which really got me in the spirit and came out pretty well. So now that the new year came and went, I had the nagging voice in my mind of the Bishop (not nagging in a bad way LOL) of magnifying my calling. He talked about sharing the Gospel with others and one of the ways he wanted to do that was to have some event at the Ward every month. Ding ding ding, I thought man he is talking directly to me. Wow the pressure is on for me to come up with some exciting and engaging event every month that will allow members the opportunity to invite their friends and family to share in our Gospel. My creative juices began to flow, then I received an email from him asking if he could come over and chat with me. I thought oh no, he is coming to make it clear of the challenge he laid before the entire Ward of having an event every month. Or maybe he was going to give me a second calling because I just wasn't busy enough with the events.

So it was of little surprise when he extended a new calling  to me, but a huge surprise when he announced that it would be PRIMARY PRESIDENT! Holy cow (can I say that) like I never saw that one coming in a million years. Of course I accepted excitedly and was totally up for the challenge. For a while now I have been saying how I needed elementary education experience- but I was thinking more along the lines of in a school- but this is even better! I could hardly contain myself as I had to wait to share the news until I was sustained by the church congregation. I know that they were all just as surprised as I was. So now begins my journey in this new role- any by the way he did not release me from my first calling so maybe I will be doing double duty for a while. Its cool because I have this really great idea for the Relief Society Birthday Party :)

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